Tarmac Drives – what we do

As with any driveway, the quality and depth of road stone (hardcore) used and securing all the edges with concrete, is very important. Our tarmac drives are dug out at least 8″. We bring in 5″ of MOT Type I road stone, which when compacted reduces to 4″.  Our road stone is guaranteed and frost proof. It does not contain crushed brick or glass.

All edgings or block paving used to retain the tarmac are secured with concrete to prevent any lateral movement.

Tarmac drives are constructed with two separate layers, a base course and a surface course, and falls and levels and drainage are always accounted for.

We buy our tarmac (asphalt) locally ensuring it does not lose heat on its journey. All the tarmac is rolled using a heavy road roller.

We can supply open graded tarmac which drains more easily for problem areas. We also fit drainage channel to direct water either away from your house or away from the highway, to comply with council regulations.

We can also supply red tarmac which can be black aggregate and black bitumen with red dye added, or to give a more lasting colour, red aggregate with red dye added.

The following are the photos with words describing how we construct a tarmac drive. More photos of tarmac drives can be viewed in GALLERY.