Tarmac Driveways

As with any driveway, the quality and depth of hardcore used and securing all the edges with concrete, is very important. We buy our tarmac (asphalt) locally ensuring it does not lose heat on its journey. All tarmac is rolled using a heavy vibrating road roller, and falls and levels and drainage are always accounted for.

We can supply open graded tarmac which drains more easily for problem areas. We also fit drainage channel to direct water either away from your house or away from the highway, to comply with council regulations.

We can also supply red tarmac which can be black aggregate and black bitumen with red dye added, or to give a more lasting colour, red aggregate with red dye added.

We are on the Warwickshire County Council list of approved contractors. This allows us to work on pavements, lowering the kerbs to give easy access to properties from the highway. Our work is offered to residents throughout Stratford upon Avon, Kenliworth, and Leamintgton Spa.


This drive had originally been red tarmac but needed replacing. We edged the area with a large Tegula block paver, then we laid ‘red-on-red’ tarmac which is a coated red stone and with red dye added. Our customer is very pleased with the finished look of drive.

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