Gravel Driveways

A properly constructed gravel drive is the most cost-effective method for a driveway. The process we use to create a gravel drive is as follows: the area is dug out at least 6″. We then lay terram, a geo-textile membrane. This helps to stabilise the ground and acts as a weed deterrent. We then supply at least 4″ of road stone and no more than 2″ of gravel. All edgings will be secured with concrete.

There are many choices of edgings, from simple flat-top edgings to block paving to small individual restraint kerbs.

There is a huge range of gravels from Cotswold chippings, Gold Blend, Sussex shingle to more ornamental granites such as terracotta or Welsh green. If you’re looking for gravel driveways within Leamington Spa, Kenilworth, or Stratford upon Avon, call us today on 01926 651 595.


Drive project completed in Kineton in May 2016.

The project was to construct a 300 square metre drive which was holding water and had no hard standing for vehicles. It was completely dug out to remove all the old bricks and concrete. We then laid terram, a geo-textile membrane, to stabilize the ground and to suppress weeds, and brought in MOT Type I road stone to make the solid base. We laid a deep section of 60mm Tobermore Tegula blocks in Heather at the entrance and used the same block to edge the tarmac area. To aid drainage, we used open graded tarmac base course and tarmac surface course, and fitted 6” deep drainage channel with a sump bucket to collect any silt. The gravel was 14mm terracotta brought in from Wales. This drive has a lot of vehicle use from two different companies and our clients are delighted as the drive withstands any amount of traffic and looks good too.

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