Block Paving – What we do

An important part of any driveway is the depth it is dug out, and the depth and the quality of the road stone (or hardcore) used. Our road stone is guaranteed and frost proof. It does not contain crushed brick or glass. Our block paving driveways are dug out at least 9″. We bring in 5″ of MOT Type I road stone, which when compacted reduces to 4″. Next we supply and screed out level 2″ of sharp sand.

We can supply a variety of blocks, either made of concrete or clay, standard brick sized pavers or larger, rumbled cobbles. Clay blocks are not so well publicised, but their advantage is that they do not fade.

The other most important part of any drive is to ensure that all edgings and the edge blocks (the framework) are secured with concrete to prevent any lateral movement. It is just like a jigsaw. A jigsaw is very strong when all the edge pieces are in place, but becomes very unstable as soon as you remove a few edge pieces.

Once the blocks are laid and cut in using a diamond blade for accurate cutting, dry sand is swept over the blocks, which fixed the blocks in place.

We provide high quality block paving driveways in Leamington, Warwick, Stratford upon Avon, Kenilworth, Balsall Common and all of the surrounding areas in Warwickshire and we are fully insured with the NFU.

We also like to support local businesses so we try to use local suppliers whenever possible and we are listed on the Warwickshire County Council list of approved contractors so you can be assured of our quality and professionalism.

The following are the photos with words describing how we construct a block paving driveways. More photos of block paving driveways can be viewed in GALLERY.